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Haunted St. Augustine Experience

 I have had many things happen on my Haunted St Augustine tour. One night there were 8 of us on my tour including myself and as we were standing around discussing what had happened at the location we were at, all of the sudden everyone of our KII meters started flashing one after another as if someone were running around us in a circle. I had never experienced this before and so I asked everyone to check their cell phones just to be sure this wasn’t an electronic interruption. No one had missed a call. On another occassion, everyone on my tour including the tour manager who happened to be going along with me this night, watched as the blinds of one very empty and very haunted house opened and closed themselves for about 20 minutes! There have been many other experiences on my tour but I think one of my favorites came from a complete skeptic. I had a gentlemen on my tour once who let me know right away that he didn’t believe in ghost and was
only on my tour to support his wife who was a firm believer. I applauded him for supporting his wife and told him I understood, even though I was secretly hoping he would have an experience for his wifes’ sake. Boy did he! Not even 5 minutes into investigating the very first location, he grabs his right cheek and his jaw hung wide open. I asked if he was ok and he said, “something just slapped me across my face.” As he was telling me this, he suddenly grabs his left cheek and says, “something slapped me again.” His wife was laughing when I asked him if he was a believer now and then added, “if not, maybe you should just say you are so you don’t get slapped again!”

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