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Experience at Meehan's Irish Pub

A Haunting Experience at Meehan’s on the Haunted Pub Tour
I wanted to do something fun for my friend and her boyfriend for his birthday so I invited them on the Haunted Pub Tour with me.  I was going out to review our awesome tour guides and figured they would enjoy it too!
We got to the last stop of our evening, which was at Meehan’s Irish Pub. It is an awesome place with great drinks, and a wonderful atmosphere. Plus, at least three ghosts that we know of. While everyone was at the downstairs bar to get their drinks before heading upstairs a gentleman asked me if I was the tour guide. I explained to him how I was the manager but I could answer any questions he may have. He asked if the place was haunted and I proceeded to explain to him how the place had three ghosts and mentioned the male spirit. As soon as I said that, my friend who was holding a K2 EMF meter, the meter started lighting up. We asked if “he” was there with us and the K2 lit up once again. The man at the bar was shocked and asked why the meter lit up and we explained how the spirits like to communicate to use with the K2 meter. Then my friend, Diane decided to ask if they ghost liked the lady in the red dress (which was me and I was wearing a red dress). When she asked the K2 meter lit up once again. We wanted to make sure no one had a phone that could be interfering so we walked away from everyone and asked the question once again if he like the lady in the red dress and indeed, the meter lit up again!  I then asked if he wanted to go upstairs with us and hear the stories and the meter lit up yet again. We walked over to the stair case and as we started to go upstairs Diane asked once more if he was sure he wanted to go upstairs and he responded again by lighting up the meter.
After we sat down upstairs and seated at our table we asked if he liked it better up there and for the last time, the meter went off. Apparently he wanted to be upstairs.
We hope you will join us one evening on the ORIGINAL Haunted Pub Tour! It is truly an awesome tour with great stories, fantastic pubs, and some happy haunts. We can’t guarantee you will experience spirits of the paranormal kind but you will experience the drinking kind ;o)
Happy Haunting!!
Manager of GhoSt Augustine

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