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Haunted House Happenings!

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Our haunted house in St. Augustine, Florida is no stranger to bizarre happenings and paranormal activity. Disembodied footsteps, orb activity, and even an occasional shadow figure have been spotted. Sometimes we are lucky enough to capture events on camera.


The following video took place during one of our Para4ce investigations, with one of our experienced paranormal investigators present. 

You see that one of our guests is in one of the rooms of our haunted house, seated several feet away from the door. As our investigator is checking on another guest, the door opens by itself. The door has opened by itself previously when this specific investigator was present.


Over the next couple of days, our team ran tests to see if they could recreate the opening door. They inspected the door jamb and frame, pushed against it when it was closed, tried to keep it only slightly open, and walked with heavy footsteps to see if the door would swing open without assistance. They could not recreate what you saw in the video above. 


Are you curious about our haunted house? Would you like to attempt to experience the paranormal for yourself? Book a Para4ce Investigation today!

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