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Ghostly whisper, chills and scratches and more on another eventful tour!

A Ghost pleading for help, chills, burning, scratches, sadness and tears was experienced by Everdark Express tour guests on a recent night in the space above the haunted pub. First one guest experienced her back getting extremely cold accompanied by a very bad feeling and discomfort. She wanted to go outside. Once outside her neck started burning and next her back. Soon red marks showed up. Another lady came outside and assisted our guide with photo documenting the red marks on her neck and back. After the back picture was taken two more scratches showed up next to that one scratch.
Then suddenly the upstairs door burst open and a tour guest named Dannie came out on the landing crying. She had heard a faint little voice whispering in her ear: HELP ME! Dannie was overwhelmed by sadness.
Evidence and research is pointing towards that there is a distressed child ghost in the upstairs of the building.
It was time for the tour to move on and about 15 min later the red marks had vanished.
And by the way, the 3 scratches is typically what we find when someone is experiencing this type of burning sensation on their body inside this building. It is believed to be a mocking of the Holy Trinity. 3 knocks are often heard inside there too.

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