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Ghostly Graveyard

In the weeks surrounding Halloween, we experienced a marked increase in activity.  There were stories and photos from people who came back in to show us the day after their tours.  We are still awaiting the images.  There were stories of activity on nearly all of the tours!
I wish to share one of my very own experiences with all of you.  I was at my first stop on the Pub Hearse Tour and had a sighting!!!  Now, to get the location, you’ll have to take the tour, but I will share what I saw that night. Imagine yourself here in St Augustine on a cool, clear night.  It was neither rainy nor foggy.  There was a very bright moon.  I stared off into the distance as I turned to get into the drivers seat of the hearse and saw nothing but the beautiful night.  After getting behind the wheel and closing the door, I looked back out of the window and saw a large, dark, masculine figure in a place no person would have had the time to get to in the very short time it took for me to get into the car and close the door.  This figure appeared to be dragging or carrying something of burden and given the location it does make a lot of sense.  Only one other person on the tour noticed this figure, but with that reassurance, I was CERTAIN of what I had seen!
I hope that this will motivate some of you to come out and visit our beautiful city.
Sweet and Spooky Dreams to all of you!
Jessica, Store & Tour Manager

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