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GhoSt Augustine's Special Feature!! Vooodolls!!!

We are the only company in the United States selling these unique little guys! They will
make a fantastic Christmas gift or stocking stuffer!
Each VooDoll has its own specific characteristics. These can be used to achieve both
short and long term goals. And if that wasn’t enough, there is a bunch of old, shrewd
rituals to be performed to juice up one’s VooDooll(s).
Voodoo originates from an ancient form of wisdom combined with magic. It stems from the
darkest parts of Africa and is better known as the forbidden religion. Voodoo was shipped
with the slave ships to Haiti and the rest of the Caribbean and has since grown to
billions of practitioners around the world.
Voodoo has negative connotations today, and is often associated with black magic and
various malicious rituals. This is a misleading image created by Hollywood movies and the
sensational entertainment industry. The power of Voodoo can never be harmful in itself.
On the contrary, Voodoo is about liberating the inner power we all possess, in order to
achieve success and happiness. Of course it can be used to put down really annoying
individuals as well, but only if truly necessary.
Mami Wata is the mother of Voodoo and the caring patron of the VooDolls. She possesses an
endless wisdom and can assume several different guises. Mami Wata is known to posses
inhumane beauty and skill.
Please check out our website at We have several different
Voodolls and will be a great addition to your family.
Happy Hauntings!

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