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Fun for the Whole Family!

Sykes-Cooper-LG-CLRAre you looking for some wholesome fun for the whole family? Elkton Florida is just a short drive from St. Augustine, and is home to the Sykes and Cooper Farm. At the farm, your family will have hours of enjoyment getting to know all of the animals, including Jack, the loudest donkey you will ever meet! The Lil’ Farmer’s Play Area provides your little ones with a safe place to enjoy their time on the farm. The playground features a large tube slide and everyone’s favorite, a corn box! Take a ride on the cow train or climb aboard for an old fashioned hayride. Sykes and Cooper Farms has so much to do, but the biggest attraction is their corn maze.
At over 9 acres total, the Sykes and Cooper Farms corn maze is truly a sight to behold! Phase 1, designed with your little ones in mind, is much shorter, but for the more adventurous groups, phase 2 takes you all over the maze, including the lookout bridge. At the entrance of the maze, you have the option of picking up a passport, full of fun questions to help guide you through the maze. Getting lost has never been so much fun! After traversing the maze, you can visit the produce stand, where fresh fruits and vegetables, including broccoli, squash, cabbage, sweet onion, pumpkins and black eyed peas are available for purchase. Nothing ends a fun filled day like taking home some healthy treats. For a lively day on the farm, make the short drive to Elkton and visit Sykes and Cooper Farm to experience it for yourself, now through November 3rd.
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