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Flashlight Fun

a person standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera

Our haunted house never fails to disappoint. Last week we shared a video of a door opening on its own. This week we bring you another spooky happening.

The following video took place during one of our Para4ce investigations, with one of our experienced paranormal investigators present.


You see that our guests are attempting to communicate with our residents. As one guest leaves the room, the remaining guest continues to make contact. Soon, a small flashlight rolls off the table. He attempts to recreate the phenomenon, and is unable to.

The next day, our team ran tests to see if they could recreate the rolling flashlight. They placed the flashlight in several places on the desk at different angles, and tried to shake the house to see if it would roll. The flashlight did not move. 

Are you curious about our haunted house? Would you like to attempt to experience the paranormal for yourself? Book a Para4ce Investigation today!

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