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Event w/Dustin Pari @ The Warden Mansion

Ghost hunting, making new friends who share the same interest, and spending eight hours with a great professional in the field of the paranormal, Dustin Pari! Who could ask for a better Friday night!?
Our night started at the Ripley’s Theatre with an exclusive meet and greet that is given only to those who bought their tickets through GhoSt Augustine. Here we learned everything from what Dustin is doing in his personal life, to past experiences he has had, to what kind of experiences we might have that night. Dustin is a very “normal” down to earth guy. He is very devoted to his paranormal studies, his wife, his children, his fans, and his faith!
It really was an absolute pleasure investigating Ripley’s Believe it Or Not with him. In general there were a few spikes on some K2 EMF Meters, some people smelled abnormal smells (smoke and foul odors), and at one point myself and three other ladies who were investigating with me heard a little girl whisper.  This was an even more amazing experience for us when Dustin told us later that a little girl did die there from falling over the railing of the stairs close to the room where we heard her whisper.
We concluded the investigation with everyone standing around the main lobby and talking about everything we had experienced that night to past experiences. It was an awesome night that I will never forget!
Happy Hauntings!
GhoSt Augustine

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