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Dark Shadows at the Lighthouse

This is Tracy, your friendly St. Augustine ghost hostess checking in to tell you about some crazy creepiness going on at the lighthouse. Just to back it up a little bit, we have been getting incredible action using our K2 meters communicating with the spirits on the lighthouse grounds. Even on quiet nights we are never disappointed!
According to our awesome hearse driver, Eddie there has been increased activity in the tree covered areas surrounding the lightkeepers house and the playground……namely DARK SHADOWS.  He had tour guests witness a shadow person pass right beside them. Now, I had never seen ANYTHING like what he described …that is until Saturday night on my midnight hearse tour. I can honestly say that what I saw (on a scale of 1-10) ranks at a 10.5 on the creep out factor. I was standing in front of the live oak next to the keeper’s house when I saw what I can only describe as a black “cloud” moving about 3-4 feet off the ground. It moved like smoke, or ink dropped in water. I also saw a completely black figure to my right move between us and the light coming from the road. So, here’s the big question…with a dark shadow in front, one to my right, the fence to my left and the lightkeeper’s house to my back….which way do I RUN??!!!!
You’ll be very proud to know that I didn’t lose my cool..I made my way quickly and quietly back to the haunted hearse…ahh, the life of a St. Augustine Ghost Host!

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