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It is important that you learn to distinguish between moral judgments about your beliefs and practical insight.  The former further complicated matters by evoking feelings of guilt or unworthiness.  The latter helps you choose beliefs wisely, as a master craftsman chooses highly specific tools that serve the refined skills she has acquired.
Beliefs are not merely tools, but particular or unique shapes that mold energy, or express consciousness.  We, of course, speak of beliefs you actually hold “in your heart,” not those to which many of you give lip service.  Living beliefs are organic forms, encoded even in your body and its systems.  That is why they may – and do constantly – affect those systems.
Each of you has your own unique version of any beliefs, so their manifestation will differ somewhat from one person to another, even though their beliefs appear quite similar.  Beliefs are like any other living forms: no two are precisely alike or identical.
Beliefs cannot be separated from values, for they express values.  That is, the actual beliefs you hold in the living patterns of your consciousness express your values.  At the depths of your being, each of you is not only aware of prime values, but is an expression of them.  Prime values are not precepts such as the Ten Commandments, but the deepest inclinations of Consciousness, or Being Itself.  Prime values inhere in the disposition of Consciousness from which all creation and transformation flow.  They are the propelling instinct of all authentic evolution, that is, the evolution of consciousness.  You can say that prime values spring from the heart of All That Is.  They are the fountainhead of all love or compassion.  They lead to justice, but not necessarily justice as your conventions dictate, but rather an exquisite justice that is enlightenment, transformation, compassion and cosmic harmony, balance and unfolding.  We are speaking here of the entire cosmos of consciousness, a cosmos that is multidimensional and lies behind and is expressed in every manifest world or reality.
Prime values, then, remain the touchstone of all beliefs.  Without a single word or definition you live out your beliefs.  When you are attuned to prime values, they, too, take shape in the living fabric of your consciousness and experience.  Do not get lost in an intellectual morass with your beliefs, my friends, but let them take shape from the deepest instincts of your being.  You do have a deeper intellect – the expansive intellect – that never contradicts the knowledge of the heart.  There is no excuse, then, for being intellectually lazy, for the expansive intellect serves both an enlightened mind and heart, and the two are in fact one.  The ego must learn to defer to – and listen to – the inner self in this regard, crafting beliefs from inner, living knowledge.  You continue to evolve throughout every aspect of your soul’s activities, so there is no point of arrival in this dimension or in any other where you become a smug or pretentious “celestial master.”
©2011, Harry C. Stafford
Director of Haunted St. Augustine Ghost Tour

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