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Energy does not cease.  It only changes form. Since the 1920s many physicists have considered energy to be “mind stuff” more than “matter” as we think we know it.  If mind is behind the appearance of matter, then we must look to the qualities of mind to understand the origin and destiny of the physical world.  The mind creates energy forms and patterns through its own projections, and our senses and perceptions specifically tune us in to that projected world.
With this in consideration, “hauntings” are very interesting phenomena.  While we are physically focused creatures our bodies carry the quality of “mind stuff” even at the cellular level, and our health and physical presence depend greatly on the caliber of our thoughts. When we die the physically projected self dis-integrates, but the mental pattern of our being persists.  We learn both the tenuousness of physical life and also the strength and timelessness of the consciousness that we are “before,” “after,” and behind all physical appearance.  From this perspective, the intent of physical manifestation may be to learn how to use energy creatively and responsibly.  This, it would seem, is to prepare us for a plane of pure energy where form appears instantly with the thought of it.  As long as we engage the physical realm as an arena of combat, conflict, separation and power plays we are not ready to deal in the living “vocabulary” of cocreation or pure energy.
As we begin to awaken to our energy bodies we also awaken to our non-local self.
The non-local self exists as part of a greater interdependent, living field of energy through which we expand and evolve. The physical realm seems analogous to the pupa stage preparing for this metamorphosis and the release of the spirit imago.  Hauntings may very well be our perception of remnants of the physical, as spirit strives to emerge through and beyond it into its greater freedom.
© Harry C. Stafford, 2010

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