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Antique Store EVP Part One!!!

We have something special for you! One of our guests sent in these EVP’s they captured while investigating a haunted antique store on our Total Paranormal tour. We made the EVP into a video to help point out the part of the video to listen closely to. This is the first part of their investigation. Here is what our guest has to say about his findings:
“At the 2:44-2:48 count you can faintly here what sounds like someone yelling or singing in the background. This was not audible at the time the tour was taking place, and there was clearly not anyone in the building.”

Come join us on our Total Paranormal Investigation tour, it’s a two part tour that starts at 8:45pm with a two hour walking investigation tour and continues at 11:45pm with a two hour historical and investigation tour inside of our Shadow Shuttle. Guests will visit two haunted buildings, cemeteries, the lighthouse grounds, and even more haunted places here in downtown St. Augustine. Contact us at 904-824-8840 or visit to schedule your tour and see what evidence you can find!
EVP audio files courtesy of Cregg Henson
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