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Adventures with Frankie, the 1990 Hearse

Being a tour guide for GhostAugustine has been quite the adventure! I started doing tours in April 2010. At first I didn’t get a lot of activity. That quickly changed as I got to know the “entities” that hung out on our tour. Especially the ones that were in the hearses! I would like to tell you a few experiences I have had with Frankie our 1990 hearse!
One my first Haunted Hearse Pub tour we stopped at The British Pub on Anastasia Island. I shut off the lights and locked up the hearse while my guests took a bunch of pictures with Frankie. We were in the Pub for about 20 minutes, when we came out Frankie’s lights were on but she was still locked up! My guests excitedly talked about how they were taking pictures before we went in and the lights WERE OFF! They even had the pictures to prove it!
On another evening with Frankie she would not let the guests out of the hearse. Frankie has power locks and when I popped the locks and started to open the passenger door, the door locked itself! This went on several times! I got the key out to unlock the door manually and the door locks would not open.  At that point the K-2 meters were spiking! Finally I said “Okay Frankie, stop playing with the locks and let these nice people out” the door immediately unlocked! I heard a small chuckle in my ear. This gives new meaning to the phrase “captive audience”! Please be assured no one was in any danger but Frankie is a bit of a prankster and loves to get involved with our guests.
Last week I had a gentleman sitting in the front seat with me while his friends were in the back. He was a “self proclaimed” non-believer. We were at the Lighthouse and I was about to start up Frankie when we began a discussion about being skeptical. Suddenly my seat began to move up and back! I started to laugh and asked the gentleman if he just witnessed the movement. He shook his head yes. Seconds later the seat moved down and forward! Again I asked if he witnessed the seat move. This time he said he did and” if he was driving the hearse this would be his last night!” He told me he still wasn’t sure about all the “ghost stuff” but something strange had just happened! His friends in the back of the hearse were getting spikes on their K-2 meters!  I think Frankie just wanted me to be safe and moved the seat closer to the steering wheel!
These are just a few fun things that happened while out with Frankie. Our hearses like people have their own personalities and really enjoy interacting with our guests. They are unpredictable and each night is a new opportunity for a unique experience!

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