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Hey everyone! My name is Jamie and I am the manager of GhoSt Augustine and have been a paranormal investigator for over 10 years. I founded Historic Haunts Investigations several years ago and also studied Parapsychology under Loyd Auerbach.
What I am entering in our paranormal journals in a post cognitive experience that I have had since working for Ghost Augustine and moving to St. Augustine, Florida. Post cognitive experiences are when someone sees something from the past. Which is not always a pleasant experience?
It happens every time I go out on our hearse tour.  Since I moved here to St. Augustine my post cognitive abilities have been amplified due to the lay lines and high electromagnetic field here in this haunted city.
One of the stops on our nightly hearse ride is St. Augustine’s infamous Murder House. Back in 1974 a woman was brutally murdered on her front steps. I am not going to give you the details to the story because I want you to go on the Hearse Tour and experience it for yourself :o) But, I will share my experience with you. Every time I go out there I see the woman being murdered!!!  I literally see the man come from around the corner of the house with a machete and attack the woman. I have never had any interaction with this spirit therefore I think it is just a residual haunting. This is something that will replay itself over and over whether anyone is there to experience it or not.  Last time I was out there the feeling and vision was stronger than ever before.  Maybe the woman is hanging around in hopes that justice will be served and the man will be apprehended?!
I have never been inside the house and wonder if I was able to go in if the spirit would try to contact me. Is she trying to tell me something personally or is she just replaying that horrifying experience over and over again? We may never know.
If you have time while in St. Augustine make sure you check out our nightly Hearse Tours!! I’m not saying you will experience what I experience but it is a great way to see the other side of St. Augustine. As we say about our hearse rides, give it a try before you die!
By the way, did I mention our hearses are haunted? That’s another story………….
~Jamie Roush
Manager GhoSt Augustine

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