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A Guest's Experience on the Haunted Pub Tour

During the GhoSt Augustine Haunted Pub tour of Tuesday, July 28th, 2010, we visited 2 haunted pub/restaurants and two haunted pubs. The third stop of the night, the first pub visit was to McLean’s English Pub. McLean’s boasts two super natural entities, which are considered by most to be completely separate from one another. The first, the “Lady in Red” was discussed as being a cinematic ghost. The second was Roy, a previous pub proprietor. During the discussions of the evening, we had placed two EMF detectors on a table top as an observation point. As our guide, Ty was telling the tales of the lady in red and of Roy, the meters would occasionally go off. Later in the evening, Ty remarked that Roy must have left because the meter activity had stopped. I remarked, in jest, that Roy was off hitting on the lady in Red. At that moment, both meters started massive readings for quite some time. Roy must have really enjoyed the joke!

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