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5 Most Common Mistakes in Ghost Hunting

Paranormal investigation as a hobby is becoming a popular pastime. The wide array of ghost shows, movies, video games, and podcasts have brought this once unusual hobby into the mainstream. Having the right research equipment along with learning the various techniques for a successful investigation is of course very important. But what are some crucial steps that could easily be overlooked? Rather than let you make these mistakes on your own, we’ve interviewed our very own Para4ce Investigations team and found that these are the most common shortcomings.

1. Lack of Personal Prep

What some people don’t realize is how long a successful investigation can take. You could be out in your chosen ghost hunting location for several hours or even longer. You want to make sure you’re prepared for anything. Pack as if you’re going on a daytrip. Bring food, plenty of water, medicines, a first aid kit, bug spray, and any personal items you may need. Dress for the weather and location. Closed toed shoes are a must- take it from us, it’s not comfortable stubbing your toe on a hidden gravestone! Keep an eye on the weather and pay attention to the time of year- Is it going to rain? Is it typically cold or warm? Will it be windy, and will you need hair ties? These are all the kinds of questions you want to ask yourself before you go out hunting for the first time.

2. Lack of Tech Prep

Once again, you won’t truly know the length of your investigation until you’re out in the field. The last thing you want to happen is to run out of power or storage. Bring twice as much of tech prep as you think you’ll need- you’ll be glad you did! Carefully take stock of the kinds of batteries your equipment needs, and whether or not you’ll need a tool to open the battery compartment. If you do need a tool to open the compartments, bring two tools in case you drop one in the dark. Keep in mind that equipment takes more power than you’d expect. Bring plenty of fresh, name brand batteries, enough to change each piece of equipment twice. Be sure to bring spare battery packs, chargers, and rechargeable power banks. Remember that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be anywhere near a wall outlet. Think ahead about storage as well. You don’t want to run out of space! Bring spare SD cards, an external hard drive, and thumb drives.

3. Lack of Research

Be sure to research where you plan to investigate. It’s extremely important to keep local laws in mind, make sure you’re not trespassing, and that you have permission to go ghost hunting where you plan to investigate. Keep in mind that some normally public places don’t allow people after dark. Make sure you won’t be disturbing any living residents nearby. Be respectful of the spirits that linger in the space around you- remember the dead once were living, and deserve the same treatment as a living person. Compile and keep a notebook of careful research you’ve done about the location beforehand- the physical and spiritual history of the location, important dates or names that may be attached to the location, major events, why it may be haunted, most notable hauntings, and who may be haunting the location. It’s important to go into your investigation armed with as much knowledge as possible.

4. Lack of Protection

You want to keep yourself protected from any spiritual forces that may be around. Protective objects or incantations, blessings, or prayers are some of the most common protection. Research the best kind of protection that would work for you- many bring crystals, salts, or sage wands with them. The most important thing to know about these types of protections is how to use them properly. Used improperly, these tools may not have the protective power you are looking for. Carefully research the kind of protection you’ve chosen, and how to best use it. Words are powerful- firmly but respectfully request the spirits not follow you home after you leave, that they must stay. Thank them for allowing you to spend time with them- once again, they were once living, and deserve the same respect and treatment as if we visited a living person’s home.

5. Lack of Patience

One of the most common mistakes we see in ghost hunting is lack of patience. Keep in mind that the ghost hunting shows make it seem as if everything happens in a short time- however, a one hour ghost hunting show is edited from what is often a dozen hours or more of footage. Think of ghost hunting like photography- you can take two dozen photos of the same thing, and only one or two turn out the way you were hoping. Or you can even think of it like fishing- it can take hours for fish to bite, and even then you can’t be guaranteed to hook a fish. Ghost hunting is very similar- spirits may not interact immediately, or at all. You can have all the equipment ready, and the spirits simply may not feel like interacting. However, the opposite is also true- you can have hunts where the spirits are extremely active. Each and every hunt is different- and it’s important to be prepared for anything.

Paranormal Investigation Checklist

Basic Supply Checklist

  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Medicine/First Aid Kit
  • Batteries
  • Power packs
  • Protection – see Mistake #4
  • Notebook/Pen
  • Climate Appropriate Clothing

Basic Equipment Checklist

Spirit Box model SB7T or SB11– one for each team member

Digital Voice Recorder – preferably one for each team member

K-II EMF Meters – 1 for each team member. Mmake sure there’s a Certified Authentic label attached to it. When bought from us it has it and ensures that you are using a genuine USA made meter. So you know for sure it isn’t a counterfeit Chinese copy that will give false readings.

Note: By having several K2’s you can conduct Yes an No sessions by assigning a word to each K2 meter and you can also monitor a room from a distance with them.

REM Pods or REM Master – one for each room or general location

Para4ce Poltertune– 1 or 2 for each general location (depending on size of room or area). Poltertune 1.0 is best for indoor and 1.5 version is best for outdoors.

Dowsing Rods – 1 pair at least

Happy Hauntings! – THe Ghost Augustine Team

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