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This tour takes you to the most active haunts in the historic downtown, the St. Augustine Lighthouse grounds and to a haunted cemetery. It starts at 8:45 pm and ends approximately 1:45 – 2 a.m.

The first leg of the tour lasts about 2 hours and 15 min. You will investigate about 4 locations on the north side of the historic downtown. You get to each spot through a leisurely walk. At the start of the tour you’ll be introduced to techniques of paranormal research. You’ll get to apply what you learned to investigate some of the most famous haunted hot spots of St. Augustine. Then you’ll have about a 30-45 min break during which you can use the facilities and get refreshments and maybe a quick bite.

Between a window of 11:45 pm to midnight, our Shadow Shuttle picks you up. During these remaining approximately 2 hours you will be shuttled to some extremely haunted sites including a haunted cemetery, the very haunted Lighthouse Park grounds. This part of the tour the stories of the locations are in focus rather than investigating, even though there is room for some of that too.

Keep in mind that investigators can spend 6-8 hours at one haunted location and sometimes not get any paranormal activity at all or very little. For you to capture something on a tour like this, you have to be lucky. It happens though. Bring your camera! We provide you with a K2 meter throughout the tour and for the walking part of the tour also with Dowsing Rods.

Absolute Minimum age = 13

If you don’t want to be out until 1:45 am or/and have children, we have a 6:30 pm departure called the REVERSE T.P.S. (TOTAL PARANORMAL ST. AUGUSTINE). It starts with the riding part of the tour and ends with the walking part. It lasts until approximately 11 pm and has only a 5-15 min intermission. We allow younger than age 13 on the REVERSE T.P.S.

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