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GhoSt Augustine

St. Augustine Ghost Tours in Florida

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Join Us For A Most Supernatural Night in St. Augustine!

From $34

Enter and investigate the insides of an old haunted building with GhoSt Augustine! Hear the true haunted stories at several unusual haunted spots and use a K2 meter and other gear at these locations for indications of paranormal activity. Book your St. Augustine ghost shuttle with haunted stops online today!

From $39

Hop on our electrically powered Shadow Ride for a 60 min ride through the dark history of the entire historic downtown! You’ll get to explore deep into the south ends narrow streets and hear the trues stories of the hauntings, pirate attacks, and blood soaked crimes and then venture on to hear about the most active spirits on the north side of America’s oldest city.

GhoSt Augustine

Founded in 2001, GhoSt Augustine is an independently-owned ghost tour and ghost equipment company. In 2001, we started using and selling the K2 meter and in 2004 we saved it from being put out of production by investing in its continued production and supplying TAPS – TV’s Ghost Hunters.

Want to have an authentic ghostly experience? Want to avoid large St. Augustine ghost tour crowds? If so, then GhoSt Augustine, the original non-theatrical ghost tours of St. Augustine, is the top choice for your next paranormal adventure! Book online today. 

GhoSt Augustine Is Tripadvisor's Travelers' Choice Since 2016!

Fun & Informative!

"Our ghost host, Tanya, was amazing! We really enjoyed listening and learning about the history and creepy stories of St. Augustine. We went to hidden spots and learned about places we had no idea about!"

– Tim. Tripadvisor
Girl Walk!

"My friends and I were on a girls trip and decided to do the Dead Walk! Tania was very knowledgeable and gave great historical background on the tour! It was super engaging, entertaining, and interesting! Thank you!"

– Georgina C. Tripadvisor
Excellent Experience!

"We had such a wonderful time! Fredrick was our guide and he gave lots of fun facts, history, and other interesting information! He was also excellent about paranormal communication and encouraged us to get involved!"

– Maria E. Tripadvisor
Terrific Evidence!

"There were lots of interaction with the spirits using various techniques and tools! Jerry was very knowledgeable and helpful in deciphering individual ghosts that occupy the house! Approach if you want evidence of the afterlife!"

– Lorrie T. Tripadvisor
Florida Frank!

"Florida Frank was an amazing guide! He spun the best stories and kept us on edge the whole duration of the tour! We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Frank and will be back for sure! Florida Frank for the win 👽"

– Scott B. Tripadvisor
History, Haunts, And Fun!

"I’ve been a paranormal investigator since 1987! I picked this tour because it doesn’t go to the usual spots in St. Augustine! Our guide, Wylie, was informative and entertaining! I appreciated the history and his story telling!"

– Bill W. Tripadvisor
Amazing Tour!

"The small group made for a more intimate tour! We were able to see all the bats and hear stories about history that were very interesting. The tour guide had a good sense of humor and was very knowledgeable about local legends!"

– Chris C. Tripadvisor
Dead Walk!

"My 11 year old daughter and I enjoyed this tour! Bradley was a great guide, friendly, and knowledgeable! We went to different spots, learned the history of buildings, accounts of ghost sightings, and used cool equipment!"

– Liza C. Tripadvisor
Haunted Pub Tour!

"This is our 2nd year doing the same tour! Last year, we had Zach as our tour guide and we specifically requested him again this year! It was such a fun experience! Zach is great with giving the history and lore of the locations and having fun!"

– Katelyn S. Tripadvisor
10/10 Recommend!

"Sean was an awesome guide! We were a tad late, but Rachel and Sean were accommodating and very quick to get us going! I’ve done several other ghost tours and this information was new and not redundant of other tours!"

– Ebmcwh. Tripadvisor