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The K2 meter and other Paranormal Equipment

The K-II meter is an amazing EMF meter and an outstanding general tool for paranormal research since it samples EMF levels at a very fast speed. Hence it is very reactive to a ghost that tries to manipulate the EMF field of the K-II to alert us of its presence by setting of the led lights. The colorful lights make it very clear to viewers that the K-II is registering changes in EMF levels that are erratic and were not there earlier. Hence unusual and unexplained. That is paranormal. It is easy to see from far away and in the dark – and looks great on TV. But the real remarkable thing is that the K-II meter is so good at creating results. And they have been proven time and time again to be co-relating with other evidence occurring on other type of meters and audio/video recorders and people hearing and seeing suspected evidence of the paranormal. One can also do Q & A sessions, if a willing spirit is around, and see the lights being triggered in response to questions. The K-II meter is also extremely reliable and sturdy. It is also lightweight, small in size, so it fits in a pocket or purse easily. So one can always have one come along easily. Another great plus is that it is so easy to use.

B t w, if you already have one, consider having more than one since you then can:

  1. Spread them out to monitor a larger area
  2. Do Q&A sessions where one meter represents Yes, another No and third something else and so on.
  3. Always have one nearby to be ready to catch ghostly activity- in the car, in your bag, at home, in your office etc. etc.

Watch out for counterfeit K-II Meters! Our K2 meters are the genuine, authentic real K2 meter and made in the USA. We are the official distributor of the K2 meter- we have been distributing since 2001 and became the exclusive distributor in 2004. Each and every one of our meters have a Certified Authentic K-II Meter which verifies it as certified authentic. The fake K2s give false positives, don’t measure EMFs correctly, are made of poor material and components that break apart after a just a few months, while a genuine K2 lasts a lifetime.


Get your K2 meters or any other paranormal gear at our site (Or simply go to the menu on this page and hit the link to GHOST HUNTERS STORE). Or come in to our store GhoSt Augustine store at 123 Saint George Street (open Fri-Sat) or its sister store Beerhammer’s Haunted Spirits (open daily 11 am to at least 9:00pm) here in St. Augustine! Or call us 1-888-OLD-1565

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