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Suspected ghost makes tour group panic

All our guests rushed out in panic from the haunted upstairs of the pub. This happened last Saturday – Nov 5th on our GhoSt Augustine Everdark Express ghost tour. Our outstanding tour guide Jeff reports: “Everyone ran out all at once. I did my best to get the group under control but they weren’t having it. A couple of the people looked back as they ran and said they saw something looking at them from the top corner of the back of the hallway when looking down the hallway from the front room. I didn’t see anything and assumed it must have been the infrared camera. They said it was not the infrared camera. We then left immediately shaken.” I will soon post more of what happened that night in the haunted upstairs of the pub prior to all 11 guests on the tour did a human stampede out the building. We’re going to retrieve the cam surveillance clip and post it on our facebook page.

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