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Reflection of an apparition on Everdark Express

Reflection of an apparition seen by tour guest on the Everdark Express inside the upstairs old offices/living quarters of the haunted pub. All other tour guests and our guide Michael was in the 2 rear rooms when Dave was in the 3rd room one room up in the hallway. He was looking towards the kitchen and in the glass cabinet he saw a reflection of a shadow moving by – clearly of a person. That reflection came from the empty living room. No one was there! Dave re-created it easily by standing in the same spot and had an other person walk through the living room and he saw the exact same shadow reflected in the glass cabinet doors. I have had the same thing re-created for me and it is obvious that a person or apparition must cross the living room for that shadow reflection to appear in the kitchen glass door cabinets. Very creepy!

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