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Not So Dead Of Knight

It was a quiet and fairly late night when I was preparing to close down our ghost shop, GhoSt Augustine, at 123 St. George St.
Our store was located on the right hand side at the end of a fairly short and narrow hallway, so it is very easy to hear people traveling down.
A small family of three found themselves poking around at our spooky collectibles. The mother started flipping through our books and their daughter, who was only a toddler, was clinging to her mother’s pants. The father noticed our bulletin board of tour departure times and started talking with me about our different tours, prices, times, etc. until we heard a loud and high pitched, “gaaaaah!” The little girl ran out of the store and back down the hallway nearly in tears with her mother and father running after her. I poked my head out of our store into the hallway after they caught her about halfway and asked if she was ok. The mother called back to me, “She should be ok! She said that her Daddy scared her, but she’s probably just scared of the store. Thanks for your concern though.” I waited to watch them leave the hallway as I was thinking how strange it was of the little girl to say that her father scared her being that he was talking to me the entire time. As soon as they disappeared I went back into the store to grab my keys so I could start closing the hallway in order to close the store. I walked back into the hallway and immediately stopped in my tracks. The six foot tall Medieval Knight standing on a rolling platform owned by the Sword shop that is normally secured with its back against the wall in the hallway was now in the middle of the hallway facing down towards our shop. My heart started pounding. “OK. The family had to have moved it, right?” I said to reassure myself, even though I knew that moving a heavy Knight on a rolling platform would have been heard in the 10 seconds or less it took me to grab my keys in the store. After deciding not to let this incident get to me, I moved the Knight back into his place, closed the front of the hallway and went back into our store to count the drawer for closing. When I reached the computer, I realized the monitor screen was black. Figuring the computer had probably gone into sleep mode, I shook the mouse to get the normal desktop screen back up. Nothing. I shook the mouse again. Still nothing. I checked to see if there was a power surge and that the computer was possibly shut off, but it was still on. I had to physically turn the monitor back on until the screen popped back up. “Ok, this is really weird,” I thought as I counted the drawer faster than I ever had before. I paused for a moment afterwards just to listen. Even though there was complete silence, I had the feeling someone or something was there with me. From then on, I knew I was no longer alone.
-Megan M.

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