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New Tour Guide On the Block

Hi!  My name is Ty.  I’m the “new kid” in the GhoSt Augustine haunted pub tour crew.
I’m a self-proclaimed beer aficionado and have home-brewed for ten years.  On evenings I am not conducting haunted pub tours, I’m singing and playing guitar at local restaurants.
My state of origin is Pennsylvania.  I have earned degrees from Penn State and have taught elementary school for 36 years.
My wife and I fell in love with St. Augustine on our first visit, intending to stay for one day.  We stretched this to six days and returned to Pennsylvania with a Florida mortgage.  Now it’s four years later.  I’ve retired from teaching and we live in the city of our dreams.
As a pub tour guide, my goal is to pass along our love for this beautiful, historic, exciting, haunted city.

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