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Meet Haunted St. Augustine & Pub Tour Guide Grace

My first encounter with a haunted building was when I was 15. I was partying in
an extravagant four story mansion in a mountainous resort in Asia. The mansion
had been converted to a nightclub called “Spirits”. The first floor was a
gigantic dance floor. The second and third floors were restaurants and
bars with a panoramic view of the dance floor below. The fourth floor was
reserved for children, who were playing video games and being taken care of by
their nannies while their parents danced and drank on the lower floors. It was
very fun, ethereal, and eerie moment…listening and dancing to trance music in
what was once a haunted mansion.
Now, I find myself going to haunted locations almost every day as a tour guide
for Ghost Augustine. Sometimes, I’m surrounded by people, who want to have
“spirits” with the spirits, on the Haunted Pub Tour, a very jovial tour in some
of the most haunted taverns and pubs in St. Augustine. On other
occasions, I find myself giving a tour with people, who want to investigate and
have that serious ghostly encounter, on the Paranormal Investigative Tour.
To be honest, I never saw myself as a tour guide. I just enjoyed taking out
family and friends to all the fun and historical places in St. Augustine for
free. Falling into this job was very serendipitous and so easy, yet I realized
later on that it requires a certain person, who can provide entertainment and
knowledge with tenacity, fortitude, and a sense of humor.

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