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Hearse Play!

Recently our office admin Thomasina was attempting to photograph one of our hearses to use for a postcard when she had a spooky experience. Its seems as if our hearse resident FRANKIE wanted to “hearse around” with our new employee and show her he was king of the hearse!
First she couldn’t gain access to the hearse by using the set of keys; then she was not able to lock the doors after she photographed the inside of the vehicle. Each time that she attempted to photograph the loading door area (caskets) the door would slam shut on her! Its a good thing that she was pretty quick otherwise that heavy door would have had her laid out flat in the loading area (caskets).
After seeing her exasperation the owner came out to see what was happening. He explained that it was the wind that kept shutting the door; she told him THERE WASN’T wind when she was photographing and that she also couldn’t unlock or lock the doors. The owner tried and it worked for him! We think that this will the start of a long and interesting relationship between Frankie and Thomasina!

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