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GhoSt Augustine's Haunted Hearse Rides

People always ask if our hearses really are haunted. Well, honestly…yes! Both of our hearses are haunted!! How great is that for a St. Augustine Ghost Tour?!
Frankie our 1990 hearse is my favorite, just don’t tell Spook 74 I told you. Frankie has two resident ghosts riding along with her.
The first ghost I want to tell you about is Emily. Research has told us that Emily passed away at a very early age, around 7 years old. Apparently she either doesn’t realize she has passed or just isn’t ready to move on. She has fun manipulating the K2 meter, especially if children are on the tour. She seems to enjoy interacting with the children on our tours.  People have also reported hearing hear giggle while riding in the hearse. I have never experienced Emily personally but I have had many encounters with our other resident ghost.
Our other ghost’s name is Frank. (The hearse was named Frankie before we even heard the story about Frank). Frank used to drive the hearse when Frankie was still in service at the Funeral Home. Frank was an older gentleman who passed away in his 70s from a heart attack.  He loved driving the hearse and cared for it like it was his baby. Apparently Frank doesn’t want to leave ol’ Frankie! Several tour guides have been touched; their hairs pulled, or have even seen Frank sitting in the car. One day I took the 1990 hearse to run errands for the store, when I looked in the rear view mirror and there he was! To my surprise, there was Frank setting behind me smiling.  Me not being shocked by the paranormal looked up and said, “Hey Frank! Are you tagging along with me today?” He just smiled, and nodded and disappeared. He also has a tendency to play with the wind shield wipers.
Both Emily and Frank are very pleasant spirits to have along for the ride and seem to be watching over us.
Maybe when you join us for GhoSt Augustine’s Hearse Ride you will experience one of our happy haunts.
Happy Haunting!
Jamie Roush
Manager GhoSt Augustine

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