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From the Desk of GhoSt Augustine's General Manager, Jamie Roush

I just love it when my tour guides email me about awesome experiences they have on the tours. Tina, one of our hearse drivers couldn’t wait to share her story with me she emailed me as soon as she got finished with her tour. This is what she had to share:
“Just got back from an amazing tour and had to share!
Tonight (Thurs. Dec. 2nd, 2010) on my 11:30 I had a mother and son. The son is stationed at NAS Jax and is in the Navy. The mom is visiting from CA. They were on the Total Paranormal tour.
At the Lighthouse, as I always do, we walk up to the Keepers house and I point out the 2 doors, 2 windows and the 2 out buildings explaining how it was the “original duplex” and how the Head Keeper lived in one side and the assistant lived in the other. We were in front of the gates as I am giving my info.
We walk to the right side of the house and under the tree and we are getting A LOT of activity on the K-2’s and they are getting some crazy orbs. In one picture there is an “energy ribbon”.
They of course are very excited. we spend about 20 mins in the side yard and I tell the stories. David (the young man) asked if we could walk around to the other side of the house so he could get some pictures of the Lighthouse from a different view. We walk back in front of the Keepers house and the gates (Which are normally locked) are WIDE OPEN! They freaked out because we were JUST standing in front of them 20 mins earlier and they were shut and locked!
Holy Crap! They took more pictures and wanted to go up to the porch because the the gates were NOW OPEN! However playing by the rules I told them we had to stay off the porch and wouldn’t let them get any closer. BUT I really wanted to check it out!
It was AMAZING and they said it was the best tour ever YEAH!!
As you can see I am very excited about tonights experience!
Anyway had to share!
Come join us for one of our fantastic ghost tours. You never know what you will experience on the tours! The truth is out there, and finding it is half the fun!!

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