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Monday night was a very interesting night for our Haunted St. Augustine Paranormal Tour. We had a collective sighting (which means more than one person saw something).  Four eye witnesses experienced an apparition of a woman looking out of a window of one of our haunted hot spots. She was peering at all 4 guests and started opening the blinds. All four people clearly made out a transparent woman looking through the blinds as if she didn’t appreciate them looking at her home. As the four people discussed what they were seeing the blinds slowly started to close. Everyone reported having goose bumps and decided to leave after the blinds closed when one guest turned around for one more glimpse of the house he exclaimed, “The blinds are opening again!!” That same night we recorded some very chili readings at another location with the temperature below freezing. A very active night on our Haunted St. Augustine Paranormal Tour.

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