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Child ghost running at St. Augustine Lighthouse in picture

One of the 3 child ghosts at the St. Augustine Lighthouse Park were caught on camera by our tour guest Tara Hund on September 11th. Unfortunately I can for some reason not post photos here for some technical issue. Please take a look at it at our facebook page. It is an amazing photo where one see this girl in old fashioned dress running away and her hair flowing in the air. There were no other person out there and it was only Tara and her friend Shannon and our guide Brent on the tour. And they were not in that area.
It is well documented that 3 child ghosts around 10-12 years old haunt the area since their sudden and unfortunate death while playing on the lighthouse construction site in the summer of 1871. Other examples of paranormal phenomena that occur at the site on the tour is that our guests hear the girl ghosts foot steps running around and get touched by them. Sometimes we get their voices recorded and often they set off our K2 EMF meters. Sometimes their voices are picked up with live EVP over the P-SB7 spirit box.

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