Playground Spirits!!!

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Fan started spinning by itself on Everdark Express

Recently on the Everdark Express Shadow Shuttle, the entire tour dodged out of the upstairs of the haunted pub. The ceiling fan that was not turned on started by itself spinning at full speed.

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Ghost Hug

Our Tour Guide David who also works in our stores reported this from the Everdark Express Shadow Shuttle. Inside the haunted upstairs from the haunted pub on the tour David was using a pair of copper dowsing rods. He asked how a No looks like and the rods crossed inwards. He asked how he yes…

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Suspected ghost makes tour group panic

All our guests rushed out in panic from the haunted upstairs of the pub. This happened last Saturday – Nov 5th on our GhoSt Augustine Everdark Express ghost tour. Our outstanding tour guide Jeff reports: “Everyone ran out all at once. I did my best to get the group under control but they weren’t having…

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Winner of September Paranormal Photo Contest

Congrats Ms. Tara Hund for capturing one of the child ghosts running in the St. Augustine Lighthouse Park in an amazing photo! She’s the September Winner of our monthly Photo Contest. The pic was taken on our Everdark Express Shadow Shuttle Ghost Tour of St. Augustine. The monthly winner receives a K2 EMF meter -…

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the K2 meter and other Paranormal Equipment

The K-II meter is an amazing EMF meter and an outstanding general tool for paranormal research since it samples EMF levels at a very fast speed. Hence it is very reactive to a ghost that tries to manipulate the EMF field of  the K-II to alert us of its presence by setting of the led…

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Open for business again after Hurricane Matthew!

Good News! Ghost Tours Running again! We are open for business again! Most Pubs/Bars are not open again until tomorrow Tuesday Oct 11th – so today Monday Oct 10th we are not running the Original Haunted Pub Tour. We did not get flooded at any of our business locations. The businesses 2 blocks from us…

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Child ghost running at St. Augustine Lighthouse in picture

One of the 3 child ghosts at the St. Augustine Lighthouse Park were caught on camera by our tour guest Tara Hund on September 11th. Unfortunately I can for some reason not post photos here for some technical issue. Please take a look at it at our facebook page. It is an amazing photo where…

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Lots of paranormal activity on the Everdark Express

We continue to have a lot of activity happening inside the 2 haunted buildings we enter on the Everdark Express Shadow Shuttle. On this riding ghost tour of St. Augustine our guests hear the stories of those 2 haunted buildings, a less visited kind of forgotten old cemetery, and the park at the St. Augustine…

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Christy McCranie Hemphill month of July photo winner

Christy sent us her photo showing an apparition of one of the child ghosts at St. Augustine Lighthouse park. This photo can be seen on our fb page and the amazing story of how she and her husband interacted with the famous child girl ghosts at the park. Please check out our fb to see…

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