Total Paranormal St. Augustine | Reverse

Private Tour max 12

The most complete Paranormal Experience of St. Augustine- Reverse. Click for WEB ONLY DISCOUNT!

On top of going INSIDE two haunted buildings it also takes you to the most active haunts in the historic downtown, the St. Augustine Lighthouse grounds and to a forgotten cemetery outside of downtown.

This tour starts at 6:30 pm and ends approximately 11 p.m. The first leg of the tour lasts about 2 hours. You’ll be shuttled to some extremely haunted sites: an extremely haunted building, a creepy haunted forgotten hidden away cemetery outside of downtown, the very haunted Lighthouse Park grounds, and a famous authentic haunted building. Then you’ll have a 5-10 min break max to use the restroom. The 2nd part starts at 8:45 pm and is a leisurely walk around the north side of the historic downtown where you’ll be introduced to techniques of paranormal research. You’ll get to apply what you learned to investigate some of the most famous haunted hot spots of St. Augustine. You’ll also re-enter one of the haunted buildings from the riding part of the tour. Now you’ll get to discover if the results are consistent with the first visit and if you’ll discover something new this time when you have learned more investigative techniques. What has changed since the last visit? What can you apply that you learned from the first visit?

Recommended Min Age = 11 (we don’t enforce the age for this tour). We allow children on the REVERSE T.P.S., however we don’t recommend the tour for them, since the haunted buildings can be frightening/disturbing and the tour is still out until quite late at night.

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