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Lighthouse Ghost looking out of the window

Lighthouse Ghost looking out of the window

girlghostTake a good look at this picture. The left pane on the second row from the bottom of the window shows a face from behind the window staring at the camera. There is a part of a hand that is shown on the pane to the left of the face. Could this be the apparition of the ghostly little girl who haunts these premises?

In the early 1870s three girls of the five kids playing among the construction equipment died in a freak accident. Maria Pittee, Elizah Pittee and a servant girl (unnamed). One of these girls is believed to still haunt these premises. Multiple ghosts haunt this lighthouse and was dubbed “the Monalisa of hauntings” by the Ghost Hunters (TAPS) seen on the Sci Fi channel.

This picture was taken during the hearse tour by one of our guests from Hollywood Florida.